Abstract Cloud Computing Concept

SPACE IT is one of the Leading Internet and Intranet Service Provider in Bangladesh. SPACE IT can offer its clients the required level of services that have stability, security, reliability and network coverage. SPACE IT has a wide range of solutions that meet customers every need for connectivity, enterprise automation and presence on the World Wide Web. SPACE IT is a pioneering telecommunications and IT infrastructure solutions provider. We develop customized solutions from solution design to installation and management support to ensure successful implementation and operation in order to ensure a real return on investment (ROI) for our valued clients. Designing and commissioning the most suitable IT infrastructure solution requires in- depth knowledge of various products cost.

Today, the presence of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) has become a necessity. In this time, these technologies have altered the ways we communicate, work, learn and play. All these ways have been enhanced and these enhancement have had impacts, so that, now, the method in which affairs are conducted, the means by which organizations evolve and the ways in which relationships are established, have all become optimized. But here in Bangladesh we are far behind from the up to date touch of such technologies. With no defined structure and inadequate support, Bangladeshi companies or organizations are finding it difficult to keep abreast of these new technologies. This situation is further compounded when some private organizations, which provide technological solutions for their clients, do so with out of date and defunct technologies.

To resolve this dilemma, SPACE IT was established in 2001 to offer complete technological solutions with the most up to date and recent technologies & World Wide or National Wide Internet Service Provider (ISP). SPACE IT’s dedicated staffs are proficient in different aspect of information and communication technologies. From different hardware and operating system platforms, to complex network configuration, team will endeavor to provide the best and most recent technological solution that is within the client’s SPACE IT’s budget. SPACE IT, in its 17 years of business experience has gathered immense reputation in hardware, software, IT enabled services, end to end solutions and networking. Innovative business approach, foresight, sustainability, resource mobilization, quality assurance and superior service have been the factors of our success.